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Originally Posted by shadowbuster44 View Post
That's the thing, the con had such a welcoming feeling all the previous years by saying "Come, enjoy the con, but don't go into these few areas without a badge. Now you come and you need a badge to get everywhere. That's no longer very welcoming.
I am staff but not in that department however,

You are getting it all wrong , the reason they have to control the pool area because last year that area became a fire hazzard and they have to make changes for this year to preserve the safety of the con goers and abide the rules of the hotel.

The hallway and outside area in the convention level was still pretty open .

And .... I know Chaz will check this feedback .

You guys have to be more specific and objective with what caused the negative feedbacks during the convention . Just say it as it happened.

This year what I really enjoyed the most is meeting up with the voice actors, director guests that I have met all throughout the years. The caliber of guest is strong this year and there were a lot of them and their panel was pretty fun .I talked to Chaz about it and got my answer.

I feel the masquerde actually was not far from their expected time frame of start and finish and I have been there in the past so I know. But that doesnt mean we are not going to improveor make changes to make it more effecient.

BUT.... I lost track of the Artist alley.

The Music area seem to get only a few audience , I wonder if there was a way to use the hotel monitor in the hallway to show who was playing in there.People are very visual, if they see an image of the band then it will get their attention.

Anyway ,I love the convention level of the hotel but thier lobby is so small. Everyone starts to hang there when its cold outside.

A big plus about being in a Hotel Convention center is the availability of WATER !!! I mean nice DRINKING WATER .with cups and ice and ....I love it !!!!
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