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I am a photographer and answering these from my own viewpoint and experience.
Originally Posted by firecloak View Post
Should a photographer know how to pose you?
I have realized majority of cosplayers don't know how to pose or at least have more than one or two poses. So don't think you are allow when it comes to posing. Most photographers I know can at least come up with or have a few generic poses in mind. More of the "newer" or inexperienced photographers might have trouble doing so. It is always good to find 1-3 poses your character would do.

Originally Posted by Meekee View Post
Another question!
...How do you people usually deal with it(flash)? Ask the photographer to turn the flash off or is there a trick for it to keep your eyes open?
Some cameras (usually compacts but some dslr models) will due a preflash, which in some cases, is like have a strobe light go off several times quickly before a final big flash. This is most likely due to the person using an Automatic mode. You wouldn't have much control of that. If you meant just a regular one time flash, it is something you would have to get use to. Some photographers prefer flashes just for extra light or use a set up (stands, umbrellas, etc) to get enough light for a look they want. So it would all depend on if you were talking about a hallway shot or actual shoot.

Originally Posted by Ashurachan View Post
...So, how long after the shoot do you expect to have your photos ? If the photographer releases a preview shot or two within a week after the shoot, is a months-long wait more tolerable ?
(How I do it)
Most hallway shots get processed on the Monday/Tuesday after the con.
Most shoots (Scheduled time, paid, free, anything that actually consist of a set of photos) take from 1-8 weeks. Sometimes it can up to 6 months. Paid shoots get processed and posted first so most likely in the first week. Free shoots are at the mercy of my free time which depend on work, school, and other cons. I usually, like I said before, get them up within in a month or two. Most photographers take between 1-6 months. Some take longer but I know many people aren't too happy with those.

Message me for Photoshoot scheduling and information for any con I am attending.
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