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@Prissi: Can't seem to find my spare headband, I'll get back to you on that one ASAP.

I've also nearly finished my Sailor Collar for Super Sailor Moon. The painted lines are almost perfect, but I've accepted that it will never be 100%. But it's fine! Just need to iron the sides to flatten the seams out.

I've also ordered another metre of white klona cotton so I can double up the skirt and finally work on it! I don't think I want to do proper pleats, maybe like pleat the top then iron the middle but keep the bottom flowy, if you know what I mean? We'll see, never done full pleats before, but I know how and have it all measured out!

Can't order the rest of the fabric until the end of the month when it's my birthday as well as get a new blonde-yellow wig as my Myu wig is far too yellow and my other blonde wig is ratty as hell. As I'm kind of tight because I spent a lot of money on a Spiral Heart Moon Rod, haha… Now I've got to choose between using the Kaleidoscope and the Spiral Rod for this cosplay…

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