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Originally Posted by lushkamina View Post
I will be there as Kamina with a timeskip Simon!

ALSO, I am seeking TTGL Cosplayers for a karaoke performance of a Gurren Lagann themed cover of PSY's Gangam Style.

GURREN LAGANN STYLE! The song will be played as an instrumental with lyrics based off of TTGL that I have written myself.
A crappily recorded version is available to get an idea of what it will sound like at

Basically I will be singing and of course if you get the lyrics down feel free to grab a mic too, but I'd really like to have a bunch of TTGL cosplayers doing the Gangam Style dance around me like in the music video. Let me know if anyone is interested. I will be up thursday night so we could do a quick rehearsal if you'd like. I am trying to get photographers there to capture it as well.
It sounds cool lol. I would love to be in it. Not singing though, maybe just herp derping in the background lol. I would like to schedule a TTGL shoot if you would like. There are a whole bunch of photographers scheduling people now.

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