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Originally Posted by Kresnik View Post
However, I don't see the justification for the $50 price tag. I hate to compare ALA to anything, but Expo, a far larger convention, has a very similar price tag (at least before the spikes). The experiences are very different, of course, with ALA having that smaller and more personal feel. Nonetheless, it's still a significant cost, especially for many of the cosplayers who ONLY used it to get access to the pool. I'm not saying the price should be lowered, because I'm sure there's many reasons for the high price. What I do feel, though, is that there should be different kinds of badges offered for different people at different prices.
Since it is a 501(c)(3), if you go to foundationcenter or guidestar you can look up all the financials, at the very end of this PDF link you can see the balance sheet that shows where the money is actually going.

for last year's con:

for all of them:

Though note that these numbers are for both cons (not just ALA).

One thing to add: I liked the night lighting on the patio and front of the pool deck, saw some photographers making good use of this.

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