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Originally Posted by RobbyKun View Post
I'm super stoked about the new location for AM this year! Mainly because it's going to be alot closer to where I live. ...
I know right?! AM went from being 45+ minutes away from me last year to like 15 minutes away from me this year, SUPER HAPPY about that =D

Originally Posted by lady.otaku View Post
Totally doing Sakuya (SAO), Erika (Pokemon) and Juvia (Fairy Tail). So excited for Matsuri this year...first con that I'm 21 >
Oooo, must get a pic of your Juvia =D And yay for being 21 at a con! XD

Well I FINALLY got around to figuring out exactly what I'll be taking to AM this year, this is my final list, no more changes XD

Friday: Chii from Chobits (red and white dress)
Saturday: Marvel's Black Cat (ultimate version)
Sunday: Usagi from Sailor Moon (Live Action)

I already have Chii and Usagi done, so I'm super happy about that, and I've got like half of the materials for Black Cat, so once I finish Eva, I can jump right on making BC =D
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