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Originally Posted by tsubomii View Post
I had a horrible experience this weekend, from almost being assaulted by the security guards to getting laughed at by the staff when I was crying, trying to get a refund for my badge since it was being taken away. Keep in mind that I'm a 4'11" girl, I really don't pose much of a threat. It makes me sad because I worked hard on my cosplay stuff and buying the badges and it was all for nothing.
Yeah.. this was my first time at ALA and my last, but this was just my experience. I'm glad everyone else had fun though.

I hope nothing like this ever happens to me again, I'm so scarred. But I would like an apology from the staff for treating me the way that they did..
I'm so sorry to hear all that D: This is my third ALA and I've never really had a negative experience.
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