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I think I will give out a tad bit of criticism before this gets out of hand.

Since I can tell you are new to this there are a few things you should know about setting up cosplay photography shoots.
Most cosplayers do not have a lot of money (I am a cosplayer myself) and since this is a newer art form it is expected that photographers offering their services do not charge standard prices. Some even strongly believe it should always be for free. Personally the most I would ever consider paying for a shoot is from alucardleashed who starts at $40.

I also found your thread title very misleading. I initially believed you were offering your services for free or for a very low cost.
When I offer paid sessions I typically allow up to an hour. I rarely go past 45 minutes. On a few rare occasions I have offered half/mini shoots which are half the price for 20 minutes. At one point I was able to afford to offer my services for free and those typically had a similar time span.

Your prices also suggest a goal of profit and a marginally large one (3 shoots=$450+!). While I do not want to speak for everyone I will say that majority of what I earn from my shoots are used to cover some of the travel expenses. There are no conventions where I live and offering photoshoots has become my only means of going to several. What your starting rate offers is around what I typically make an entire weekend of shooting (I don't get to enjoy the con itself much...). If you looking to profit from convention shoots I would suggest stopping.

Your technical quality is good so I am not going to critique that too much. If you want to make a name for yourself in the community then please consider some of what I just written above.

To anyone reading: her prices seem standard enough, but just not for this.

Edit: Looks like some people beat me to posting similar thoughts while writing all that ^_^
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