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Surplus of Fabric. No Ideas. Help?

So I have a surplus of this black pleather/vinyl alligator skin fabric that is kinda just sitting in my room. I buy all my fabric in bulk 5+ yards because I know I'll use it eventually and can get it cheaper that way.

I have found that my funds are not able to take the strain of both the con admission on costume construction price I'm having to use what I have on hand for the upcoming con. Which is mostly the black fabric since I have most of it.

I just don't have any idea about what to do with it. My body type is definately fuller figured, but not to wear its disgusting. Just to where I won't look good in a body suit which is the only thing I found involving leather. I think it would make a decent dress, but I wouldn't know what character has a leather dress.

Right now I'll take any suggestions since i have a few months before I need to get worried.

Thanks ^^
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