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Originally Posted by ScarletRhapsody View Post
I'll keep this short, but I really think the ALA website needs something like this:
I have to agree with this. At this point, I'm really disappointed on the sheer volume of people who couldn't control themselves while drinking.

I hate to say this, but either con attendants need to learn to better control themselves with their liquor, or ALA is going to have to crack down on letting people drink at the con. There are people coming to ALA specifically to party and drink. Several see ALA as a party con first and an anime convention second.

I'm going to be pushing for better outline of rules when it comes to Alcohol at ALA. At least crack down more on people wandering with open alcohol and push for those who are hosting party to host a little restraint on what they let their party goers do.

I was approached by at least two people carrying kiddy buckets of alcohol(one said she walked right by security with her booze bucket and they said nothing), we had at least one possible drunk balcony jumper on Saturday(thankfully only from the second floor but still, out of line), and one drunk who was getting rowdy before Taco Party started(Thankfully it was handled quickly) I really don't have a problem with people drinking, I have a problem with people who have a lack of self control.

Also I would like to notate a couple issues I saw with the dealers hall.
1. A guy was able to get into the dealers hall with a loaded composite bow. I have absolutely no idea how he was even allowed into the hall with a composite bow in the first place since he should have been stopped at the door. But my coworker who was running the company booth was rightfully worried that somebody could be injured.

2. A dealer falsely accused a con attendant and friend of mine of shoplifting. It was proven to be false because the dealer accused my friend of stealing something the dealer didn't even have for sale. I also know because the item in question was purchased from another dealer that I had bought something from the day before. I already gave a heads up to staff working the dealers hall. I'm going to speak to my friend better to peg down which exhibitor it was. This irritates me because not only was it a friend, I also happen to exhibit at conventions and it reflects poorly on a con when exhibitors show such poor behavior.

I personally would recommend giving attendants a way to complain about exhibitors who are acting out of line or in the worse case, doing something illegal(and yes, this does happen and it has caused ill effect on other dealers because of it)

On the positive. I worked Taco Party this year and things went far better then last year. We opened on time, we had food ready to go, and we even had options for vegetarians. We did have issues(like the lack of paper plates for example), but I believe we'll be able to hammer them out for next year and keep improving the event.
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