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Originally Posted by El_Duque View Post
I'm not Staff or anyway associated with ALA, but that just completely blows and I'm sorry that you had such a terrible time at your first ever con. I suggest giving it another shot next year. Chaz (Con Chair) reads these and I know he will take your post into consideration for making the con better next year.
Originally Posted by tipsd9video View Post
I'm so sorry to hear all that D: This is my third ALA and I've never really had a negative experience.
Thank you, I appreciate it. I know specifically which staff member it was who was behind pretty much all of what happened to me and I have his contact info so that makes me feel better.

Yeah a lot of people I talked to say that ALA is their favorite con of the year because of the partying and the alcohol and I did have fun up until Friday night when all of that happened so I might try again next year, but I really don't want to run into the staff member and the security guards ever again.
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