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Overall, the con was pretty good this year. I was stuck working in the Artist Alley for most of the con, but I still had a pretty good time. I met a lot of cool people and profits were okay. I do wish that we had more space in the AA, though. 3 feet of space is really cramped. If the tables were 8 feet instead and we could have 4 feet of space that would be a little better, but the ideal situation would be for us to have a bigger room, or maybe even split the AA into two rooms if need be to give us the space for full tables.

Also, I love how Conji has a swap meet. It would be kind of fun to have one at ALA. It's true that it would take profits away from us in the AA, but it's kind of fun to browse through none the less.

I am so happy that the pool area was less crowded this year. Last year, there were times when people were afraid of getting hurt or accidentally pushed into the pool because of how crowded it was. This time there was room to take nice pictures, using the landscaping in the pool area as backdrops.

More nighttime programming would be nice. If you don't want to drink or dance, there isn't that much to do. Maybe a nighttime studio Ghibli marathon or Rocky Horror showing would be cool. The Rum Party is great (but I staff it, so I'm biased), but I wish that there was more stuff going on during other nights as well.

I love that there is water everywhere so that we don't get dehydrated, but I wish that food was easier to come by. The con suite only serves light snacks and the hotel restaurants are restrictively expensive, so we have to leave the hotel to get food. It would be nice if there were a bunch of microwaves available to con-goers so that we could heat our own food. It would also be cool if the con suite stayed open later.

I love that there are so many good areas to hang out with people at the con. The lobby, the pool area, and the first floor seating areas are all great for that. I don't love how people think that it's okay to party in the hallways outside other people's hotel rooms. I especially hate it when people are doing this at 4 am when some of us are trying to sleep. Some signs stating that hallways outside hotel rooms are quiet areas at night would help, or maybe it would help if there were some staff members assigned to checking the halls periodically and shooing drunken people partying in their halls back into their hotel rooms. There's nothing wrong with room parties, but it's not cool to have a party going on in the hall outside other people's rooms in the early hours of the morning when some people need to sleep. The drinking and partying is starting to get a little out of hand at this con, since it's no longer being restricted to private hotel rooms.

Overall, though, this con is pretty good, but there are some issues keeping it from being a really great con.

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