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This was my first full weekend at ALA and last year I was only there for Saturday during the day. overall great first year i loved it and defiantly plan on going back next year for the full weekend again.

the bad: Dealers hall was meh like 3-4 different sword shops and a few anime paraphernalia shops i typically dont buy much from the dealers hall but i was less likely to buy anything from the shops provided.

the dance I went on saturday night and when i walked in around midnight-ish they had stopped playing music to have some kind of weird dance off that lasted way too long definitely don't think that should have happened most people go to the dance to dance not watch these other guys have a break dancing jam session stopping everyone else music. this is actually my biggest complaint about the whole convention!!

couldnt buy my badge on thursday night. this is a minor complaint but i really wish i could have bought my badge then but meh.

i didn't notice anyone being drunk or too terribly outrageous but some people were being really obnoxious like the navi on Thursday night that wouldn't be quite for like 2 hours in the lobby, or the guys that decided to start fake fighting and wrestling in the middle of the hallway (ballroom level) on Saturday night. there were other instances like this but nothing i could not just ignore and walk by.

the good: I love love loved the dance, outside of the lame dance off. the DJ's were great and the lighting and room were great too.

registration was fast, woke up on friday went downstairs around 10 got my badge quickly even though the line was kinda long.

the photobooth was pretty cool to see i didnt get a chance to take advantage of it but i really like that it was there and know some friends that loved it and went.
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