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Posts: 630 shopping is a horrible place to buy any wig from because they always have out of stock issues and zero customer service. You can never talk to a real person there about anything before you buy something and if anything at all goes wrong with your order the only recourse is to file a paypal claim immediately to get your money back. It's been this way for over two years now and I still keep seeing complaints on the review forums here. I'm never buying from them after my own bad experiences.

I buy from reliable american sellers like (the best for tangle free long wigs I have ever found)
or from arda wigs
or the five wits wigs.

The taobao stores mentioned in this thread are also excellent and will save you money if you go in on a group order with other people since shipping costs and being able to wait a month or more for your wig are the main problems there, as is a slight language barrier if something goes wrong with your order. They also tend to shut down for a few weeks over the chinese new years holiday which will be starting very soon. you could also try to find them on american e-bay tho the stock there is very limited and like mentioned you get better results just e-mailing them directly.

another option is, they stock wigs from dear wild and are in australia so if you can't buy from the original seller on taobao try there. it's good quality for their prestyled stuff, just on the thin side if you're doing heavy styling, which you're not. ^^

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