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Hi, just putting in a little bit of input for a few things. Sorry if I'm repeating.
I work Registration, and on Saturday con reached a full 4,500 people with badges. I'm assuming there's a leeway because of how aware con is that many people go in without a badge.
Also! On the issue of drunk people--the only room booze are allowed in is the Rum Party (at least, from my understanding), but con can't keep people who are ALREADY drunk from going anywhere. Just like you can't really keep a drunk person from walking down the street unless they're causing chaos and bothering people.
A few years back, ALA would make an announcement at the dance--which started much earlier--around 10 that all minors had to go back to their room because of the Curfew. But, I noticed they stopped this and instead just started the dance later. The idea is, that, all minors will be following the state Curfew and will be heading back to their rooms by 10, so the only people left are legal adults that could be around drunk people. Of course, it doesn't work out like this, but the con can't do anything. Not even a police officer can stop and ask to see your ID if they don't have a reason. So, basically, the con legally can't do anything about the drunk people as long as they aren't openly drinking things that are obviously alcohol on the con floors (which is only the bottom two.) If they have it in an unlabeled bottle, they can get away with it.
Again, this is just my take on it. I could be wrong. I may be Staff, but it's all volunteer work. I don't speak for the department I'm in.
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