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This is my 3rd time attending! MY favorite so far! Worth the drive from north for ALA!

Starlight Ball: It was a lot much better ran than last year! Now they have all the songlist organized. But I think it still needs to double check if they're danceable and know what kind of dance do you use for the song.

Con Suite: Can't beat free food

Venue: Same old feel like every year.

Gameroom: Lack of variety and too crowded. Only played pachinko.

Running workshop and Panel:
My first time workshop for Ballroom Dance Lesson went really well! Had a group of people and we worked on steps and rhythm and the understanding of having fun! My other panel mostly focuses on building confidence, how to prepare for a formal ball, dance etiquette and some dance types.
The staff and the department got everything for what I need for my workshop and panel. Glad to get some help from the crowd too and very laid back! I'm doing this again!
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