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YAY!! More GW cosplayers!!! And there is no such thing as too many Duos!!! Have you seen those manga strips with the little bat Duo? I'm going to dress my son up as him to match my Duo cosplay! =D

MizuNeko29, you have made my night! And I'm planning to cosplay as Edward too!!! Great minds think alike!
cons for 2015: TBD

| edward elric [fullmetal alchemist] 0% | duo maxwell [gundam wing] 50% |
| barbara gordon: batgirl [new 52] 0% | chandra nalaar [magic the gathering] 10% |

| princess ariel's pink gown [the little mermaid] (planning) |
| sir alanna of pirate's swoop and olau [the song of the lioness series] (planning) |

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