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Buster Sword help!

Hey guys! So I made a buster sword for my first time cosplaying as Zack from Final Fantasy. Had a ton of fun and was pretty pleased with how the sword turned out in the end. I did want to improve on it before I cosplay again and wanted some advice.

First off - Here is an album of the sword making in the process and what it looked like on the field. (My friend made one also, that's why there is a 2nd one)

The sword is pretty rough all around so I as going to sand the crap out of it and re-paint it. It's made of an insulation foam with a wooden dowel for the handle that goes up to the bottom of the first circle in the sword. It did bend a little but it wasn't too bad for it's first time in action. I used two coats of fiberglass resin on each side to prevent bending. I was trying to think of a way to cut the sword in half and have it connect together in someway without losing it's durability, it was very hard to transport. I had thought of cutting it in half, then drilling a hole through the center of each half and inserting a metal rod or pvc pipe of some sort to prevent bending.

I had also thought of making a new sword since I have a lot of left over material and using a hot knife cutter to make the edges smoother but I'd rather try and fix up the one I have. So my biggest question is if anyone has any ideas as to how connect two pieces of the sword relatively well without it breaking in half when being picked up.

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