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To anyone who saw how tired I was the day after King's Game, don't worry. The more into a gathering I am, the more I work myself up and as a result deliver a better experience. Again this was a fantastic year gathering as we had a whooping 30+ people show up for the Midnight meetup (getting our own panel room was a HUGE bonus).

In reality it's amazing how our community has grown each year and you guys always remember me and allow me to run the gatherings in someway. I don't think this is because I'm the very best organizer around, I just think it's mainly due to the fact that I work with amazing people who CARE. I always feel like the SMT gatherings are a bit more personal (haha pun) than the other outings I have and I think it's because we choose to meetup multiple times in and out.

Anyways, enough sentimental stuff from me. ALA was a BLAST and I like to thank Adam for getting stuff done and organizing both events as he kept everyone well informed. To those who showed up you made everything a blast and allowed us to run a very effective gathering all while making sure we had some large laughs around the way. We can only go up from here and I have all of you to thank for this.

Also feel free to join this FB group which is dedicated to California SMT cosplayers to be updated on upcoming events and general chit-chat

On a side note we really should just print some laminated cards that are numbered 1 to 40 to take with us for these things. Will be a whole lot easier to deal with than writing down numbers on chopsticks

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