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I would like to start out with this was my 3ed year going, and I didn't have as great of time as the other two, but still love it enoff to make it next year if at all possible! I had two friends and my feanse with me this year and they rely enjoyed themselves!!!! (being a winter con i think i just have bad luck of being a bit sick...)

I went on day zero and absolutely loved it! was bummed that we didn't get the guide on that day, would have been nice to plane things on Thursday to be fully ready for Friday.

Originally Posted by vgc View Post
. I want to echo the sentiments of other people and say that it's getting too big for the hotel, which makes me sad, because I love the small, welcoming feeling of ALA.
After reading all the comments I have to agree with this. Thinking about it, it was too cramped, I had a elaborate costume and i had to switch out because moving around was getting annoying.
I love the small welcoming feeling of cons.

Originally Posted by Kresnik View Post

So, in summary, I think a bigger venue and different options for badges would be nice.

What ALA did right is what ALA does right every year: awesome cosplay repair, places to sit and rest, free water, the con suite, helpful staff, and unobtrusive peace bonding.
Never thought of an idea like that! I'm all for it! Many of the times i porfor just cosplaying and don't usealy have much interest in most other things! But I have no complaints about price; I always buy my badge at least a half a year before for the cheaper price...

And Deffently agree with what ALA does right!!!!

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On the positive. I worked Taco Party this year and things went far better then last year. We opened on time, we had food ready to go, and we even had options for vegetarians. We did have issues(like the lack of paper plates for example), but I believe we'll be able to hammer them out for next year and keep improving the event.
I Love Taco's! Have to say the meat was fantastic taisting (I was first in line ) But the having to be quiet was something that rorented the experiance for us. Maybe having it down in the ballroom area were we could make nose would be better. If something says party most people expect to have a great time and not have to be so hush hush quiet.

Sugsuestons for the tacos though, if you do soft taco's, flower toteias would be way batter or at least give the options of flower and corn...

Originally Posted by OniCourseMusha View Post
Starlight Ball: It was a lot much better ran than last year! Now they have all the songlist organized. But I think it still needs to double check if they're danceable and know what kind of dance do you use for the song.

Running workshop and Panel:
My first time workshop for Ballroom Dance Lesson went really well! Had a group of people and we worked on steps and rhythm and the understanding of having fun! My other panel mostly focuses on building confidence, how to prepare for a formal ball, dance etiquette and some dance types.
The staff and the department got everything for what I need for my workshop and panel. Glad to get some help from the crowd too and very laid back! I'm doing this again!
I loved the fact of both the formal ball and the dance lessons!!! Have to agree of making sure that songs are dancable and not just mostly Disney songs.
I'll diffidently go to more dance lessons if i can make it next year!!!! (and be more prepared with the shoes.. lol no very high hills )
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