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Looking for Cosplayers to Join Groups: Princess Tutu, Hetalia, and Higurashi

Hello Everyone~

This year, me and a couple friends are doing several groups throughout the con. However, since we had issues with many people flaking out on us, we don't have everyone we planned and would like for people to fill those spots. We just feel so incomplete! ;A;

On Day 0 We will be cosplaying Hetalia: Counting Sheep - England and Austria, and would love to have an America or Prussia join us~ <3

On Day 2 We will be cosplaying Princess Tutu, Duck, and Kraehe and seem to be in need of a certain pantless prince <3

On Day 3 we have a Higurashi Group and only have Rena, Keiichi and Mion.

Let me know if you are interested! Pictures are so much more fun with a complete group <3
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