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Posts: 87
Age: 20
Name: Brenda
Skin Color(It doesnt matter, you dont have to answer this but it helps if somebody wants you to be color specific): Tan
I Cosplay: Gaige the Mechromancer, Filia, Azuma
Any Cosplays i plan on doing?: sword art online, accel world others not sure yet
My Next Cosplay i will be working on: ^^^^
Do I Crossplay?: Yes
State: California
City: Santa Ana
Upcoming cons ?: Anime Los Angeles ( already went ) Anime Expo still debating on the rest

Looking for cosplayers that want to be in a dead man group and hopefully future groups since i our group is very small only 3 people including myself hoping to make some friends
Cons I'm Attending:
Anime Los Angeles(2013)
AnimegaCon(2013) (maybe)
Anime Expo(2013)
Gaige - Borderlands 2
Mikasa - Shingeki No Kyojin
Kuroh - Project K
Magi- Morgiana

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