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Thank you everyone who attended both the daytime and midnight gatherings. It was pleasure hosting the gathering for ALA and I hope everyone was able to enjoy themselves and had a fun time. Shout out to those that helped me run the gatherings, Zanny, a Yosuke who's name I don't know, Adachi, and anyone I may have missed. Also of course a bit thank you G for your help, especially during the Dark Hour gathering. I'm sorry if I missed anyone that helped.

Also I do apologize for the delay for the King's Game, honestly didn't expect 30+ people to show up for it. So it was my bad for not being prepared. The laminated card idea G sounds pretty solid, we will have to see how it can be worked out and see where it goes.

Again hope everyone enjoyed themselves and it was very awesome seeing all the unique Persona/SMT cosplay everyone had. Also if you have a facebook feel free to add me here I am currently working on uploading my pictures from the gathering and looking for ones others took.
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