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Originally Posted by Saturn Neko View Post
I loved the fact of both the formal ball and the dance lessons!!! Have to agree of making sure that songs are dancable and not just mostly Disney songs.
I'll diffidently go to more dance lessons if i can make it next year!!!! (and be more prepared with the shoes.. lol no very high hills )
Believe it or not. I volunteered to both have a Ballroom dance lesson workshop and panel mostly as a guide to formal ball at other anime conventions because of Starlight Ball. The dance lesson was all on me. But I am not officially part of Starlight Ball, just a guy who loves to help people learn how to dance and prepare for the formal dance. I might think about applying to staff mainly as long I can organize the dance lessons and assisting attendees. I was happy that I can set the dance lesson before the Starlight Ball. I will do it again next year!
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