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Originally Posted by Britchan View Post
That sounds fun Any places you usually go or is it just random?
(The thought of a bunch of Bleach characters just prancing on in to, say, IHOP, is kind of hilarious XD)
We usually go to a place within walking distance. I think we actually went to IHOP last year =P
Next con: AX!

Otaku Tosshi (Gintama)
NB Mikisugi (KLK)
Samurai! Sanageyama (KLK)
Lancer (Fate/Zero)
Lie Ren (RWBY)
Mysterious Mare Do Well (MLP FiM)

These are maybes:
Kimblee: FMA Brotherhood
beat up Byakuya: Bleach

P.S. I might skip out on some of these if I feel lazy that day =P

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