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hmm well thats a question worth getting a few opinions on
and picking what you feel is right

here is my best bet
wonderflex is one of the most costly materials by square foot
so that would be a no in this case for me

if ya dotn want to ware this for years (paint will ware out over time)
id say find your self a nice big yoga mat
if it has a nice finish you can find EVA mats in automotive sections
seal the surface with polyethylene, varnish, what you have to make it smooth
paint and finish
id put MDF in the swords so they dont flop about
but they can be done the same way to match

say a little fancier (mid range answer)
what ever material you use to make the shirt
coat the armor and sword in the same stuff to match like the monokote
but a bit cheaper

hope this helps

good times to all
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