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Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
Eh, I don't see the point of speedruns for an open world game. Besides, real men have endurance, not speed.
I see what you did there. Regardless, speedruns for Dark Souls are totally valid, since (unlike Morrowind, for example, which can be utterly broken and beaten in under 7 minutes) the player is required to complete certain objectives (e.g. ring the bells, and suffer through Anal Rondo) and kill a dozen or so bosses before they can fight Gwyn. It's less about standing your ground and fighting everything in sight, and more about fighting only what you must to raise your levels for the build that you need (a test of manliness in itself) and strategically plotting your course through the entirety of Lordran in a time-efficient manner. (thus having both the brains and the balls.)

It's essentially like doing a bare-minimum item run in Super Metroid, since the game's design allows for enough sequence-breaking to make it an open-world game... which impresses me almost as much as minimalist Demon's/Dark Souls speedruns. Also take into account that they're doing a 1-life, single-segment run of a game where you're meant to die at least a hundred times.

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