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Originally Posted by livengood View Post
I have to agree with this. At this point, I'm really disappointed on the sheer volume of people who couldn't control themselves while drinking.

I hate to say this, but either con attendants need to learn to better control themselves with their liquor, or ALA is going to have to crack down on letting people drink at the con. There are people coming to ALA specifically to party and drink. Several see ALA as a party con first and an anime convention second.

I'm going to be pushing for better outline of rules when it comes to Alcohol at ALA. At least crack down more on people wandering with open alcohol and push for those who are hosting party to host a little restraint on what they let their party goers do.

I was approached by at least two people carrying kiddy buckets of alcohol(one said she walked right by security with her booze bucket and they said nothing), we had at least one possible drunk balcony jumper on Saturday(thankfully only from the second floor but still, out of line), and one drunk who was getting rowdy before Taco Party started(Thankfully it was handled quickly) I really don't have a problem with people drinking, I have a problem with people who have a lack of self control.
I'm sorry you folks had a negative experience with drunks at this con. I was the one who brought the hookah and booze downstairs to the outdoor area on thursday/friday/saturday night. I love ALA casue it seems to be socal's only convention where people over the age of 18 can get at least reasonably rowdy. I don't believe the convention should crack down on alcohol. No matter what there are always goign to be some people that can't handle their booze. The majority of us can. I know I was rather drunk the entire con, but at my party outside if someone couldn't handle their liquor, i quieted everyone down and made a check of who was drinking, who shouldn't be drinking, and if anyone knew the person who needed to be taken care of us. We all have to be more responsible with our alcohol, but it shouldn't be monitored as heavily as you seem to be recommending (if i'm wrong with what you're suggesting, please let me know).
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