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Nintendo/Smash Bros. Photoshoot

Wait wut? It's only early January? You say it's too early to be trying to rally together interested cosplayers for a photoshoot at this years Otakon?


Hello everyone! Gaminggod90 here! For the first time ever I am attempting to organize a Nintendo/Smash Bros Photoshoot at this year's Otakon. If you are a cosplayer that has anything to do with a series made by Nintendo then I welcome you to attend this shoot. INCLUDING SMASH BROS! So let me just give you the information you need to know in advance so you can try to fit it into your busy busy schedules shall we?

Series: Nintendo/Smash Bros.

Location: By the indoor fountains.

Date: Saturday, August 10th 2013

Time: 12PM

Since this shoot is being planned so far in advance, by the time nearing the actual convention, the time and date could be subject to change. I mostly want to get this out there now so when the time comes I can reserve that area for this shoot.

So who's interested? I can tell you now these Nintendo/Smash Bros shoots quickly turn into a fight to the death free for all cosplay battle... In good fun of course... So bring your hammers, your Koopa shells, Your swords, or whatever your weapon of choice is and get ready to Brawl like you never have before. I'm SO excited for this!!!
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