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Originally Posted by Britchan View Post
As long as this stays away from the Vocaloid gathering (Of which I'm hosting) I'll probably be there as Ulquiorra Schiffer. (Cifer, whatever..) I don't know yet, my father's getting all up on my case about crossplaying. -.- But anyway, put me down for Ulqui

I'll definitely want to help though Bleach cosplayers always seem to be really cool people. Just let me know if there's anything I can do
I'll add you in, and thanks for the offer! I'll try not to coincide with the Vocaloid gathering (or for that matter, any other bigger gathering), but I can't promise anything yet.

Originally Posted by simpbass View Post
I'll be there as "heavily battle damaged" Byakuya or as Kaien. I'll help again if necessary. Also, Britchan, sometimes we'll go en masse to get food/chat.
Added! XD (And of course, thanks tremendously for the help both last year and theoretically this year)

Originally Posted by mategi View Post
always had my Nel outfit LOL! i should probaly go wit her this year AX XD
And, added!

Originally Posted by simpbass View Post
We usually go to a place within walking distance. I think we actually went to IHOP last year =P
We ended up at the Denny's up the street. We were going to go to either the Ihop or a Subway (I don't recall which) but we ran across a Denny's first and just stopped there. XD And to answer your question, Britchan, mostly it's just about the pictures, but as Simpbass said people tend to then wander over somewhere to eat/chat/get to know each other, and usually make some friends that they hang out with over the rest of the convention.

Personally I met Simp and then a group of Grimmjow/Fem!Grimmjow/Stark/Ichigo that I ended up wandering around with and actually still know and see occasionally!

Apologies for the bout of silence, btw, I got hit with all the January silliness. Writing and work and a new boyfriend and all sorts of things.
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