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I can't say I've forgotten to eat because I have felt hungry before at a con. The problem is that I'm still underage to drive so that's a big problem with me. And usually the people I'm with (until recently) are all underage too or just don't have cars. Nekocon has this little concession stand though so that was pretty awesome and helped me and stuff. But I honestly only remember eating a couple of things at that con. Like, I'd only remember to eat when my stomach is calling out for food and I'd sometimes just fill it with a liquid.

But reading these stories kind of make me laugh (although I haven't read them all so if there was a sad story, I'm not laughing at you!) Because I've seen many times on the facebook page of the cons I go to, "Remember to eat guys!" And well, I guess I kind of get the drift now. Hopefully I'll do better at AMA and next Nekocon about eating since I'll be able to drive!

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