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So after giving much thought to it & filling 2 more spots into my busy Katsucon photoshoot schedule, I will unfortunately be closing any available spots NOW. As much as I'd like to make myself extra busy, I think it's fair that I actually have some time to myself to breathe & relax at the convention.

For everyone that has already sent me a response & I have you set for a slot but haven't heard what series/character you're cosplaying or if you aren't 100% sure you'll make it, you'll still have until the 18th of January to confirm everything else...

After that point I'll double check with everyone I've had contact with & update the schedule. Most of you who've contacted me are pretty much good to go & I know there's a few of you that haven't decided on a cosplay to have done or scheduling problems. If you happen to have something else planned to do or cannot make the shoot, please let me know before the 18th. If you have yet to figure out your schedule or which cosplay you wish to have done, please find some way to get it figured out beforehand(& I really hope it does get figured out for some of you). If I still have any empty spots due to last minute cancellations or whatever, I can squeeze you in for a session. So again, JANUARY 18 GUYS!!!

Looking forward to seeing & shooting you all at Katsu! <3
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