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Originally Posted by chireiyu View Post
What really added some negative points to my ALA experience other than the abnormally large amount of people with con funk was the Doki Doki Maid Cafe. I'm sorry but please PLEASE invite a different maid cafe to ALA next year. They practically ruined my day 3. I would elaborate more on how horrible my experience was with them but I know they're not exactly affiliated with ALA. (But if you really want to know you could probably find my blog post through google or something...)
I had a pretty great time at ALA this year, despite their being a bunch of drunks roaming the late hours, but like Chireiyu here, I was a bit disappointed with the events Doki Doki Maid cafe put on.

I went up with a group of friends to the 18th floor on Friday to try to attend their maid cafe event, and it turned out that the staffers there had no idea where the maids were, and everyone waiting in line was turned away and told that there was no event for the night. I have no idea what was the reason behind that but it put a damper on the night, since they were on the programming and the poster outside the room itself. I believe of all the scheduled events for that day, only one group actually did an event?

I decided to give them a try again on Saturday, and while this time they actually showed up, I ended up waiting over an hour, in a line that barely moved, before I ultimately decided that it was nowhere near wasting my time. From what I observed, they were operating a restaurant style maid cafe, where people come in for their food and stay and play games for as long as they please, and more people can only come in when those people decide to leave, and personally I think this is a really bad way for a cafe to be run at a convention. I've been to other maid cafes at conventions, where they have scheduled sessions so you know exactly when you'll be able to get in, or even presale tickets so you have a guaranteed spot, but waiting around with no word of progress left a sour taste with me. I didn't bother to come by on Sunday. From what I remember, they also didn't show up when they were scheduled to hold a cafe on Day 1 of PMX. I don't think I'll be bothering attending another of their events in the future.

PLEASE find a maid cafe that knows what they're doing and shows up on time.
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