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I'm going to sound like a broken record but here's my experience. xD

Venue: WAAAAAAAAAAY too crowded. I understand that once a con has a hotel/space that they like and who likes them they don't want to move, but there's little space to walk. I had to constantly ask people to move because they were having gatherings at the elevator lobby, on the escalator platforms, on the staircases, and in front of doors in general.

Service: I liked the constant badge checks since I've been to cons this past year who would let any one in at any given time. I feel foolish for buying a pricey badge to enjoy the con only to have someone who didn't drop a cent get the same entertainment. Sorry.

Attendees: This was my main problem and it has NOTHING to do with the con itself. I blame them for none of it. xD I was people watching and playing with my phone when I spotted a photographer ask a cosplayer for her photo. The cosplayer smiled, had her shot taken, and walked away. After she was out of hearing distance the photographer looked to their friend and said "Wow, that was the worst ____ I've ever seen!" I found that disgusting. Also, my husband and I were a yaoi paring and someone said it was gross. Lovely people.

I will try to miss ALA next year since they kept the venue. I don't want to get crushed by the crowds again. ^^ Hope everyone else had fun!
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