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I'm actually pretty excited for this game. Generation V didn't wow me... and even though I bought Black and Black 2, I really didn't enjoy them that much at all. However, this generation shows promise... at least I think so.

The art style they took on for this game looks absolutely gorgeous. I'm glad that they're taking advantage of the 3DS for the new generation, and I'm certainly glad that they have Pokemon from past generations in the new game.

As for the starters, I like Froakie and Fennekin quite a bit, but I'm not a fan of Chespin. It looks like a weird mix of Buneary and Oshawott to me, I suppose. XD I'll probably start with Fennekin first, and when I get the other version, I'll use Froakie. I'm curious to see what subtypes they'll have, if any. As long as we don't get another Fire/Fighting, I'll be okay. XD

I adore the X legendary. I think that although it looks like Verizion to an extent, it looks absolutely beautiful. The Y legendary looks cool too, but I like the X legendary better in terms of design.

Overall, I'll probably get X shortly after it comes out, and Y some time later.

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