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older otaku looking for room!

Just that. I'm an older otaku looking for crash space*(con hotel preferred, but not picky) for Thursday-Saturday nights. As long as I have a place for my stuff, a spot on the floor(with a wall at my back), and a place to shower, I'm content. I will be cosplaying(Narutaki, Kamen Rider Decade and Stein, Soul Eater). I'm currently trying to quit smoking -- if anything, I'll have an electronic cigarette, at least.(before you ask, any and all smoking will be done outside). I'm sort of a social drinker, in that I tend to drink only at cons. And New Year's.
I tend to snore some, but I will gladly provide earplugs upon request, if needed or not.

Anything else you need to know, feel free to ask!

(* I'm waiting to hear about a room, but in the meantime...)
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