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Thanks for the support guys! I started sewing the trim on and it does look goooorgeous. *_____* I can't wait to be done with it because you're all right, it will sparkle beautifully. I'm really enjoying the process of hand-sewing the trim on bit by bit, because it keeps me doing something on my costume without having to make a hurricane out of the entire house (and by the time I get home from work usually, I'm too exhausted to do anything and this is something I can just pick up and work some on without having to spend too much time contemplating how something is going to work.

Does anyone have suggestions for how I can make the shape of my collar better? :/ I decided I'm gonna redo it entirely... I have to retrim it anyway now... get rid of the trim that mostly looks nice except for all the fraying and made me want to tear my hair out as I sewed it on lolol. (I remember a lot of screaming and crying while I was working on my collar hahahaha :x)

Steffi -- I TOTALLY recommend you try the Arda way, really. If someone with absolutely no wig/sewing/cosplay experience could make something that looked decent, what more you? :P
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