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AX 2013: Shin Megami Tensei/Persona Gathering

Hello and welcome to the Shin Megami Tensei//Persona gathering for Anime Expo 2013!! Never seems too early to get this started and know though a lot of time a good range of the cosplays are normally from the Persona games other SMT titles game cosplays are more then welcome to join in as well, as this gathering for all SMT titles. Anyway we had outstanding turn out for 2012 and feel we can do even better in 2013, so if your cosplaying someone from one of the Persona games, Devil Summoner, Catherine, or anything else for AX 2013 feel free to join the gathering!! Also as seems to be tradition for these gatherings there will be a Dark Hour gathering as well, more details about it will come over time.

G-Force & DarkenedWings

Date/Time: Day 2, Friday 3:00PM
Location: Outside West Hall Entrance

Midnight Gathering:
Day/Time: Day 3, Saturday 12:00AM
Location: Westin Bonaventure

Facebook Event:

Persona 3/P3P/FES

Male Protagonist: SilentWins, Micnax
Female Protagonist: hina_chan
Junpei Iori: heeroyuy135
Yukari Takeba:
Mitsuru Kirijo:
Akihiko Sanada:
Aigis: Llytix(Maid)
Ken Amada: DeCreep
Shinjiro Aragaki:
Fuuka Yamagishi:
Ryoji Mochizuki:
Elizabeth: Peipei, Celine

Persona 4/Golden/Arena

Protagonist/Souji Seta/Yu Narukami: Katsu, misskris87's boyfriend, DarkenedWings, Zeroman, Ryusan777
Yosuke Hanamura: epicserendipity(Winter), RagnarokSyaoran, DDRSoraStyle(Drag)
Chie Satonaka: Negimeister00(Summer), {{wanderfu}}(Summer)
Yukiko Amagi: misskris87, Ryusan777's girlfriend
Kanji Tatsumi: Mihamut(Maybe)(Summer), Amandy-Chan, Selkie Owlhead's Fiance
Rise Kujikawa: MeiChama(Maybe)(Summer), noctiluca, sarehptar
Teddie: G-Force
Naoto Shirogane: VanguardLancer, KidsofHalloween, Selkie Owlhead, RedSycophant
Ryotaro Dojima: Patori
Nanako Dojima:
Labrys: E. R. Laurell(Maid)
Tohru Adachi: LawlietCookies's boyfriend
Shadow Adachi: Rerouch(Midnight)
Ai Ebihara: LawlietCookies

Devil Survivor

Kazuya Minegishi: krisokami

Devil Survivor 2

Protagonist: darkchappy
Daichi Shijima: Sonomura

Devil Summoner:


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