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Fire starter is super cute, looks like a combination of Purrloin and Vulpix. Yay for more Firefox Pokemon! (and if Ninetails is any indication, Fennekin's evos should be pretty damn gorgeous).

I also really like Chespin. Jury is out on Froakie.

The legendaries are really weird. So we have mega-antlered dear and giant wing bird thing (Yes, I know they look like an "X" and a "Y" but still...kinda weird) Also, yay, no more color/jewel thing with the names.

Also, digging that apparently France will be the basis for the game world, after NY for Gen V and Japan for I-IV.

But the best part, 3DS exclusive, AND in full 3D this time, FINALLY. Hopefully there's improved online connectivity...I know I'll never get the Pokemon MMO I want, but hopefully Nintendo and GF do more beyond what previous games have done.
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