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I had an awesome time at ALA this year, this is my second time attending ALA (last year's ALA was my first ever convention)! I really do like how there was less crowding on the pooldeck this year, last year I narrowly avoided being accidently pushed into the pool (thank you to the cosplayer who caught me before I hit the water!) However, I do agree the convention seems to be outgrowing it's space, the lobby area (where starbucks is) is way too crowded and the ballroom level seems to be crowded in more areas than others.

Also, maybe some more seating would be good on ballroom and the lobby because some of My cosplays involve short to really puffy skirt which makes it nearly impossible for me to sit in the bean bags or along the walls when all the benches are taken. Cons Suite and the water in the halls is a life saver. Light refreshments at COn Suite really helped my friends and I out between meals when we are rushing from gathering to gathering, event to event. the water really helped during vents like the dances.

Drinking I didn't see as a big issue. Only when the people who can't control themselves were wandering the halls did I see it as a problem. I do agree there should be an Arisia (I think that's what it was called) code or something to the parties and to keep them more contained.

I also agree about Artist Alley Outgrowing it's space. When I was in Dealer's hall, I only really bought 2 things and nothing really struck my interest, however I spent nearly all my money up in Artist Alley. It was really small and cramped and the booths were very small, not giving the artist's really enough space. Maybe they could try blending Dealers Hall and Artist Alley together downstairs so Artist Alley kind of has 1 and a half rooms?

Ala was still amazing and I hope to attend next year!
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