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Originally Posted by NekoMimi16 View Post
Attendees: This was my main problem and it has NOTHING to do with the con itself. I blame them for none of it. xD I was people watching and playing with my phone when I spotted a photographer ask a cosplayer for her photo. The cosplayer smiled, had her shot taken, and walked away. After she was out of hearing distance the photographer looked to their friend and said "Wow, that was the worst ____ I've ever seen!" I found that disgusting. Also, my husband and I were a yaoi paring and someone said it was gross. Lovely people.
Ok i gotta be honest...that is the most disgusting comment ever! What the hell was that photographer doing taking her photo then if he took her picture in the first place? Honestly, we go to cons to get away from this kind of shoelaces (i'd say the word but i dont wanna risk dirtying this feedback with unnecessary profanity). How horrible! I hope karma can bite that phony in the "ask me no more questions"!
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