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Originally Posted by Kaze Saffire View Post
The series has been long destroyed. Same old song and dance every time. 8 badges. Elite four. Legendaries. We NEVER got a game about the Orange Islands or any of the other random locales from the anime. I can only imagine how unoriginal the names and looks on some of them will be ( a giant pile of garbage...SERIOUSLY???!!!
Well you've got to keep in mind that every new generation is aimed at a new, younger audience. Don't fix what isn't broken, Pokemon is still one of the best selling video game franchises ever.

And don't get me started on "unoriginality". Every generation has it's duds, Gen 1 was just as bad. For goldeen and seaking they just slapped a horn on a goldfish and called it a pokemon. Muk and Grimer are piles of mud. They're no better and no worse than 5th generation pokemon.

EDIT: Also, you can't expect every game to contain every location from the anime. Technology has it's limits. There's only so much you can contain in one game cartridge.

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