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Hope your shoots at Katsucon go smoothly! I understand completely why your pricing is the way it is... speaking from personal experience, the editing process can take a lot of time and care, and your photos are always so professional. You really are a great photographer! The lighting and composition is always spot on.
I understand why some people think it's expensive. For those of us that work for minimum wage, that's nearly a week's worth of income! And a lot of people that attend cons don't have a lot of money to spare (or if they do, they spend it all on anime dvds), and they're used to getting free photoshoots at conventions. But those photographers are usually older men willing to do photoshoots for free for young women.. and the atmosphere of the shoots can be uncomfortable. In my experience, those photographers aren't interested on whether or not you look as nice as you want to look, and I've had some bad experiences with photographers posting my photos on sites degrading to women - all without my consent. The fact is that booking a professional photographer, as JL7 is, is a choice that isn't best for everyone. If you feel like you don't have the funds and you're find with the pictures and environment provided by free con photographers, then that's your opinion and that's what's best for you. You don't have to book with JL7, she's not forcing you to. But some people DO have the funds, and they want the professional environment, modeling help, and privacy & quality of pictures that she provides. Those people can book JL7 and be happy, but no one else who doesn't want to needs to get their panties in a twist! Calm down guys. This is a market economy and photographers have to make money somehow. I've been to a few professional photo sessions for family photos... and let me tell you, they charge infinitely more than jl7. The last time my family went to a studio, they wanted to charge us over $1,000 for a few pictures... and that was without the extra bonus of editing!
So some of us poor cosplayers can't afford these prices... so what? Stick with free photos then, that's what's best for you. Don't hate on people who want to hire more expensive photographers, and definitely don't hate on the photographers. There's really no reason to spread the hate in this community.
Looking forward to seeing you all at Katsu! Hopefully we've all calmed down and will be able to spread the cosplay love by then.
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