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Originally Posted by Kaze Saffire View Post
The series has been long destroyed. Same old song and dance every time. 8 badges. Elite four. Legendaries. We NEVER got a game about the Orange Islands or any of the other random locales from the anime. I can only imagine how unoriginal the names and looks on some of them will be ( a giant pile of garbage...SERIOUSLY???!!!
I wouldn't say the series has been destroyed by any means. I suppose to someone who has been playing the games since gen1, it's understandable that you'd be wanting something fresh and whatnot, though sadly the Pokémon franchise isn't meant for the dedicated fans. It's meant for each new generation of children that they can cash in on. So why change the formula that works every time? I'll admit, even I'm tiring a bit of the same old same old... but I'm still going to buy both X and Y. Sure, it's the same premise every time, but that's what makes them fun. XD I mean, if most FPS games can be vaguely the same, then why not Pokémon?

Anywho, this is all just my opinion and whatnot. Not trying to force you to share my opinion, just pointing it out. :3

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