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Let me explain something to you all: this is a market economy, ruled by supply and demand. When the supply is equal to the demand, you have market equilibrium. Anyone running a business has to find the point at which supply is equal to demand, otherwise you'll have a shortage or a surplus. If JL7 charged less, there'd be a shortage of her service, in this case photo sessions, and people who wanted to purchases packages with her wouldn't be able to. Clearly, if she has been able to book the perfect amount of customers at past conventions, she's found the perfect pricing point for her business. And judging by her body of work, her business is going quite well. Good for her! It's difficult to maintain a successful business in this economy... and photographers' expenses aren't cheap. Good quality cameras run near $1,000. You need lighting equipment and editing software and last time I checked, photoshop cs5 was $600 (to obtain a legal copy, of course). Then there's time and travel expenses involved also.
It's basic economics, guys. If you don't want to buy it, don't. Just because you don't want that good or service for yourself doesn't mean there isn't any demand for it... it just means that it isn't right for you. Don't degrade JL7's business just because you guys aren't interested. If you aren't, move along and find something that suits your needs. Don't waste your time and breath hatin.
And wow, telling someone to kill themselves just because you don't want the good/service they're offering? That's so immature. Do you walk into walmart, look at a shirt you don't like, and say "kill yourself" to the manufacturer of that garment? No, you probably don't, because that's a little psychotic. The good thing about our economy is that there are many goods available to us at varying prices. We can look for the quality, quantity, and price of what we want, are there are usually many options. This works the same for photography at conventions. If you have extra money and you're willing to pay for quality, then that's your right. If you don't, that's your right too!
Let me put it in plains terms for you cosplayers: when making a costume, you have a lot of choices of fabrics and a variety of different prices. You can make a dress with costume satin for very cheap, or you can spend $15+ a yard on bridal satin. They're both satin, but at different qualities. What's right for one person might not be right for another, but the decision is left up to the individual. If the price difference isn't worth the extra enjoyment you'll get out of the expensive fabric, then you DON'T HAVE TO PURCHASE IT. You can move on and go for the cheaper fabric.
That's life, guys! And it's a GOOD feature of our lives... we can choose what we want and we have many options. There are stores in New York that charge $5 for a shirt and there are stores that charge $100. What suits your needs doesn't necessarily suit someone else's.
I just think it's sad that we're putting down other people's businesses just because we're not interested in their prices. That's stupid. Personally, I LOVE having the option to save up my money and splurge on something high-quality once in a while, although I normally can't spend a lot on things that aren't necessities. I'm sure you all do also, since cosplay is quite an expensive hobby.
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