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Overall, I loved ALA, a little too much if the fact that I STILL don't have my voice back is any indication (con a little too much karaoke).

A few items:

The good -
The karaoke room! The last time I was at ALA was 2 years ago, and I don't remember that awesome software that lists all the people in line. That was very useful, and the staff was all very helpful.

My husband was excited by the addition of the pachinko machines in the gaming room (mostly since, due to the language barrier, he couldn't figure it out when we went to Japan back in November)

The things I love about ALA are still the same: it's very cosplayer friendly with the photo studio, the repair station, the couches in the halls and all the water! When my voice first started giving out on me, the easily accessible water was most appreciated.

I didn't go to a lot of panels, but I enjoyed what I did. The "Music of Yuki Kajiura" panel was a tough decision to go to since it was opposite masquerade, but I'm so glad I did. It was great to see a panel that got so in-depth intellectually, and was a lot of fun for the geek aspect. I'd love to see more panels like that.

The bad-
I heard somewhere that ALA is in a contract with the LAX Marriott till 2014 or 2015 (I think it was facebook when ALA announced that the Marriott was booked to capacity). If that is the case, maybe registration should be capped a little lower. It was really crowded this year, and it did affect the overall enjoyment of the con.

The hubby and I were confused at how the hall cosplay awards were given. We were wearing our Nobunaga and Nouhime costumes (avatar), and one of the judges gave my husband one of the big shiny rosettes for his costume. The hubby and I both agreed that honestly, I probably should have been the one to get that, but the judge was so distracted by the chainmail and how intimidating his costume was, that he didn't even bother to ask us anything about workmanship. The process involved for getting the gradient+butterflies on my kimono was just as time consuming, and it involved a lot more trial and error. I was doing something I couldn't find any info on people doing before. Chainmail is tedius, but it's very straightforward. I was a little put off that somebody given the power to judge costumes was just distracted so much by the tall guy in the giant armor that he didn't take any time to actually judge the costume.

Are the AMV categories self-selected, because 3/5 of the "drama" videos really should have been in action. Just because it's not mindless beating people up all the time does NOT mean that it's not an action theme.

The pointless complaining ('cause it's not anything ALA can do anything about)
We were on the ground floor this year, which was a mixed blessing. Not having to deal with elevators was nice, but people really need to learn how to be quiet in the halls at 3AM when people are trying to sleep.

Needed moar SenBasa. T.T
In Progress: Madame Red 2.0 (Kuroshitsuji plus some extra historical fashion influence)
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