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Ah, another ALA come and gone. I think it was just as great as the last 5 years I've been! Well I wasn't fully able to enjoy it this year since I wasn't feeling well and some poor time management, and I am still distraught about missing the vocaloid gathering, got the time wrong. But those were all on my part.
Anyways, my thoughts for this year.
-, I guess there did seem to be more people this year. They did a good job of organizing the pool area so it wouldn't be swamped this year, but my problem was the lobby was very crowded and so were the elevators. I don't agree that ALA should move though, I really like the marriot location. Maybe if they open more spaces for the con?

- True, not too much variety of vendors in the dealer hall, though I found a couple of good things, and there should be more room for the artist alley
-My experience in the masquerade was a great as it was the last couple years I've been in it. Everyone was super nice, it was organized well, especially in lining up to go onstage, back in the green room was cozy and with free good food and drinks, and everyones performances were great and I'm glad mine went well, and the post masquerade meeting afterwards is a very good idea. Shame they didn't show amvs during the halftime show this year and to be honest I'm never really interested in the angel hearts dancers,, though their outfits are always so lovely. But I throughly enjoyed the improve comedy!
-Con Suite is awesome for free snacks, and better yet, free breakfast!! It was a little cramped though and it's good they have rules for it, though maybe they could get a bigger room net year? Speaking of food, there needs to be more food options at the con as the restaraunts in the lobby are expensive and not everyone can venture out more then a few blocks out of the hotel, especially at night.
-I always enjoy the cosplay repair room and those helping out and the variety of materials available. But one thing I have noticed every year is that they don't have detangler. Also my friend claimed they were not helpful to her.
-I always really appreciate the free iced water and beanbag and benches to relax everywhere!
-A lot of panels sounded fun, shame I only got to go to a couple of them. I guess the fact that they often start off schedule is good for those who are late, but tends to get disorganized..

All in all, I'm glad to have come this year and enjoyed the con experience and seeing all the wonderful cosplays, and looking forward to next year!
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