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Originally Posted by RitsukaUzumaki View Post
Wow sound like you all have your cosplay plans work out for you. :3

I seem to always wait last minute or bring a random bunch of cosplays and put on which ever one I'm in the mood for that day.
But most likely I'll be bring only a few cosplays with me this time.

Cosplay List: Young Kakashi(Naruto), Itachi or Deidara(Also from Naruto), Ball-Gown Ciel and Alois(Kuroshitsuji), and I may wear my fox Kigurumi around during the night time when it's cold.
I also have two secret cosplays, one I know I'll be bringing and the other is only a maybe.
This is my first Fanime with a large list of cosplays lined up for it.
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