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I just don't think its cool to attack a photography because of the price.

and say these bad things only because of the wow!!!

if you don't want to work with her for what ever reason don't but don't leave this stupid hateful comments.

someone said glossy prints is expected for 150 an hour do you know how much photo paper is? good photo paper its expensive!! i buy decent paper for school and its 50 bucks for 30 sheets!!! lets not talk about the INK!!!

Do you know how much time someone can spend editing photos hrs and hrs!!

i dont agree with the price because i personally would add a little more for that but to be honest its a fair price a decent price.

Editing photos takes up lots of time!!!

you say 300 bucks for 1 hr....this if far from the truth it might have been one hr of shooting but trust me we plan before hand what we would like to get for shoots and do research which take up a few hrs lets say 5 for fun. Then editing take up a bunch of time i could easy take 200 photos in 30 min. So i have to go through 200 photos see what ones i like and don't and organize these photos. I am have not starting the editing part yet just saying yes no no yes o maybe no yes this about 2 hrs for fun.

Then we have the photos we want to work with then we edit this all depends on how many photos we have lets say from 200 photos we have 50 we really like about 15 min basic edits for each photo so thats 4 photos each hour then thats 12 hrs of work for basic edits.

then we have to post the photos lets add 2 more hrs.

So lets see 1+5+2+12+2=22hrs of work for each 30 min shoot 22 hrs for 150 bucks yes please complain more! i am sure you would not work for that kind of money!!

Point is if you don't like it you make a choice and not to work with them. don't be so hateful and disrespectful

Also as a photographer myself her work is great!!!!

Also there is only two reasons why photographers don't charge one-because they want to enjoy the con the photos and work on the photos at there own pace...when you charge you promise something...when you do a free shoot all your asking hey can i take your photo you promise nothing!

and two-most photographer that are doing free shoots are not real photographers....they are a person who got a nice camera and think that makes them a photographer

Jessica Sevin i think your work is great keep doing what your doing and forget these negative people.
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