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This is my 2nd year attending ALA and I truly enjoy myself a lot.

Let's go with bad first: It's kinda overcrowding to the point where it's hard to move around in lobby. This make it for me hard to move around with big weapon so I opted to drop it after short time.

I find myself enjoying Artists Alley a lot more than Dealers Hall. But the room that AA is in was very small to the point where it's hard to move around in it. I'd like for AA to be in other room where it's little more bigger so most of us can walk around .

The programming is kinda lacking and nothing really grab my attention at all. I only attended one panel but that was super fun because I'm into old school stuff.

The good: The staff. They were very understanding of my disability and tried their best to help me out so I truly appreciated it a lot.

Pool deck is badge mandatory. Make it easier for me to move around but seems to me that badge policy is kinda inconsistent at some time but this is better solution.

The people, lol.

Iced water and place to sit, which are greatly appreciated.

Also, I like the feature where you can line up to talk to Chaz, although I haven't take advantage of that myself. I thought that was very neat and I have never seen it before at other cons I've been to.

Con suite. Get high point from me.

Honestly, I can list some of the complaints about some stuff but they don't really concern the con itself. I just hope that people can policing each other on alcohols and stuff better but we'll see what happen.

Out of all cons I've been to, ALA is truly cosplayers paradise and I sincerely hope that they can continue that, even if their programming is bit lacking.
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